Vision is new documentary in nature since it relies on replicating in camera what I saw while not wearing glasses. At the same time the project challenges the notion that images need to be in sharp focus. Vision is also about discovery of a different way of seeing. These images reveal there is beauty in loss. The interplay of natural light and colours gives an alternate view of everyday objects and places. Finally this project challenges the role of the camera in art. Just as the painter or sculptor uses tools to create something new, the photographer uses the camera as a tool. In this case, the images were created in camera using one of two available lenses and specific aperture and focus settings. The RAW unfocused images were processed with software but only to the extent of cropping plus minor exposure adjustments. The end result mirrors what I saw without wearing glasses. While the resulting digital image can be reprinted, copied and shared, the image is unique, it is what I alone saw and is impossible to reproduce.

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