Return to the parks


August 10,2014

When our kids were younger, we camped several times every summer because it was affordable and it was something we enjoyed. My wife grew up camping with her family right up until her mid-teens. As a city boy camping was not something I’d really ever done. I got the hang of it quickly, though, so you can imagine that after 20 years, it was a disappointment for us when we had to suspend our annual summer forays into the provincial parks. Disappointment is actually a gross understatement, in 2007 the doctors found I had cancer and camping was the least of our concerns while we dealt with the crap that goes along that type of diagnosis.   Continue reading “Return to the parks”

Sarsaparilla Trail


The new photo on the home page this week along with the one above, was taken early Saturday morning about 30 mins drive down the highway on one of the city hiking trails. It was -3C, but felt colder in the wind. Only the Canada Geese were active that morning, well there were two deer in the area but I didn’t see them. This was the first time in a while that our small photography group was able to go out together.  It’s important to maintain contacts like these as they can get lost among the demands of work, family and maintaining your presence on the web. Actually going out in the field with others, even if the “field” is somewhere close at hand, will present new learning opportunities for you and for your colleagues. It may be something as simple as trying out a lens you were considering, or seeing first hand how someone else had a different approach the same spot you just photographed or perhaps a place you passed by as uninteresting.


For awhile I didn’t think there was much to photograph at this spot, other than the geese, but then I decided to walk more slowly and to stop from every now and then and just listen. It was during one of these zen moments that I found myself facing this fallen tree and I though about the dried tangle roots that for years had supported and nourished a tall such a tall part of nature was continuing that role but now for the smallest of life in the forrest. I continued my walk and found myself back at a fork in the path. This time I was looking behind where I’d stood 40 mins earlier. The way ahead curved to the right then turned a little to the left again. The sun, now a little higher played through the trees. This was my choice for the photo you see on the home page.


My lessons for the day? Slow down and listen for awhile and don’t forget to look behind you from time to time. You may be surprised at what you see.