Return to the parks


August 10,2014

When our kids were younger, we camped several times every summer because it was affordable and it was something we enjoyed. My wife grew up camping with her family right up until her mid-teens. As a city boy camping was not something I’d really ever done. I got the hang of it quickly, though, so you can imagine that after 20 years, it was a disappointment for us when we had to suspend our annual summer forays into the provincial parks. Disappointment is actually a gross understatement, in 2007 the doctors found I had cancer and camping was the least of our concerns while we dealt with the crap that goes along that type of diagnosis.   Continue reading “Return to the parks”

Origins – how new projects begin


April 21, 2014

In my last post I wrote about a visit to the abandoned village of Jazirat al Hamra in the UAE. Archeologists believe use of this area dates back as far as the 16th century. Today, the once thriving village echoes in empty homes, places of business and worship constructed with coral stone, and bricks formed from sand and seashells. The families left the village about 46 years ago when the demand for the pearls they harvested went to new markets in Japan. The government offered newer accommodations, schools and better jobs. Where I grew up we’d call that a resettlement program.   Continue reading “Origins – how new projects begin”

One light portraits

Mom and Elisa 5

February 2, 2014

Today is an anniversary of sorts for my wife and me. Thirty-four years ago today we met for the second time. The first time was the year before when she was visiting my sister. I don’t really count that one as we only exchanged greetings from a distance as she headed out the door with Elisa. I remember our second meeting much more vividly and truth be told she’s been a constant presence in my mind every day since. Continue reading “One light portraits”